Is it just me? or is BIM ready for Quantity Take-Off?

Posted: 23 June 2013 in BIM Estimation, CostOS, Estimation, IFC, Model Quantity, Nomitech, Quantity Surveyor, Quantity Take-Off, Tender


From an international stand point the benefits of using BIM for QTO includes; minimising the time consuming process of obtaining quantities of elements and materials for estimation, as well as emphasise errors & assumptions one would not always identify when using drawings.

If the building was done on a BIM platform by the designer and insufficient information is given, it’s easy for the contractor to refine the model to a sufficient standard. For example with CostOS (Cost Estimating software from Nomitech, which enables the import if IFC files to do a QTA) even when the designer adds or changes the design it is easy to just select/import the new elements and add the estimation from that to the BOQ.

A presentation at Ecobuild in Washington, DC on 6 December 2010, two cost estimation vendors namely; Solibri ITO & CostOS was tested on their efficiency to calculate a BOQ from a…

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