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CostOS in Southern Africa

Nomitech CostOS BIM-enabled Cost Estimating under the spotlight

Nomitech is pleased to announce the latest version of its already outstanding Cost Estimating solution, CostOS.  Following on from the success of CostOS being named of one of the final two solutions to prove that BIM is ready for take off, at Ecobuild, Washington, Nomitech continues to lead the way with innovative development.

The ability to price any stage of an estimate, from concept to final bid and on a single platform, with embedded BIM measure and parametric assemblies, CostOS is fast becoming the most sought after cost estimating solution today.

“I am delighted to announce our latest release and further reinforce our total commitment to continually provide new exciting functionality for new and existing customers. The current climate is challenging all of us in the construction industry, to have a closer look at the way we do things to remain competitive…

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CostOS in Southern Africa

Construction ReviewSenegal: 260 million Euros in construction of Dakar International Airport : The estimated cost of this project (in terms of investments) is CFA F173 billion, 260 million Euros, not including costs related to upkeep and relocation of local populations, which are estimated at CFA F7 billion, or 10 million Euros.

Construction ReviewSouth Africa: Boitekong Mall to Open : The R180-million Boitekong Mall by Fontis Development is in the final stages of completion. Construction began during August 2011, and will conclude in April 2012 with the modern, minimalistic and classy designed centre launching to the public on 26 April 2012.


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From an international stand point the benefits of using BIM for QTO includes; minimising the time consuming process of obtaining quantities of elements and materials for estimation, as well as emphasise errors & assumptions one would not always identify when using drawings.

If the building was done on a BIM platform by the designer and insufficient information is given, it’s easy for the contractor to refine the model to a sufficient standard. For example with CostOS (Cost Estimating software from Nomitech, which enables the import if IFC files to do a QTA) even when the designer adds or changes the design it is easy to just select/import the new elements and add the estimation from that to the BOQ.

A presentation at Ecobuild in Washington, DC on 6 December 2010, two cost estimation vendors namely; Solibri ITO & CostOS was tested on their efficiency to calculate a BOQ from a…

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CostOS in Southern Africa

CostOS BIM Estimating makes full use of all the benefits you can get by using the 3D model of your project (building, civil, oil & gas, energy, aerospace, shipyard etc). Its embedded 3D viewer allows you to navigate easily through it and autoselect entities.

The quantity takeoff of your project (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical etc) can be massively accelerated and the accuracy you can achieve is unprecedented.

Create your Bill of Quantities directly on your 3D model and see how it is built up while your estimate progresses. Use both your local/server cost database and the online commercial databases (Means, Richardson, Spon’s, NODOC) to find cost data that match the selected entities and directly assign this data to your model.

The Cost Data is not just line items or percentages. The Data you assign includes all the resources (material, equipment, labor, subcontractor…

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